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Pole Studio Bali

Jalan Mertanadi 25 Seminyak, Bali

Pole Studio Bali is a space where women of all sizes, ages and social backgrounds can gather to work towards a common goal; finding the tigress within them while challenging their bodies physically and letting their inhibitions melt away as they become strong, sexy and confident specimens.

We believe that every woman has a right to feel beautiful and strong. Wether you are a mother of three, or an athlete who wants new challenges – pole fitness is a great way to kick-start the fit femme-fatale in you!

Open Classes
IDR 180.000 per class
Open Classes - Package of 10
IDR 1.400.000
Semi Private (group 3+)
IDR 300.000/person
Semi Private (group 3+) - Package of 10
IDR 2.500.000/person
Pole Privates
IDR 800.000
Pole Privates - Package of 10
IDR 7.500.000
Open Practice
IDR 100.000/hour
Prices and treatments are subject to change without notice
Amazing experience
Reviewed January 6, 2017
It was amazing, at the beginning i went just by curiosity and instance of my friends , i thought... read more
great hen's night!
Reviewed October 7, 2016
we had a hen's night party here last week and it was great! our instructor natalie was very lively... read more
I came just for a open practice. The studio is clean and looks nice. But it's just ridiculous that there is only one spin pole and other poles are static and in 48 mm😳that's way too big! So if u really doing pole dancing that...More
It was amazing, at the beginning i went just by curiosity and instance of my friends , i thought it will be impossible. But i had a great time, Natalie is amazing, fun and energetic and believe it or not i managed going up the...More
we had a hen's night party here last week and it was great! our instructor natalie was very lively and encouraging. first she took us through some basic techniques and warm-ups, and then based on the song we chose, choreographed a dance routine for us....More
omg Nat was amazing!!! it was only $30 per person and we all had the best time! we came for my besties hens day, and the older ladies who didnt want to do it sat and watched us and we all had a great time....More
Gorgeous space to learn pole dance. The instructor Widya was very kind to accommodate me and very patient. We had lots of fun, 1.5 hours just flew by. If you are looking to practice and try out pole dance, this is an awesome place to...More
I travel a lot and have been to pole studios across the states, brazil, japan, europe, hong kong, and jakarta and I must say this is the friendliest, most easy going studio I have ever been too. The classes were loads of fun and the...More
I did the beginners introduction to pole workshop with my girlfriends and we had the best time ever! The Pole Studio team was so accommodating and made the whole experience so much fun, we laughed constantly. I highly recommend The Pole Studio Bali for Bachelorette...More
Great place, my home away from home. The studio is conveniently located, it's spacious, light and very welcoming. Instructors are amazing, fun and friendly. Classes are suitable for all levels. So no matter what your pole dancing experience is, come and try it out. Pole...More
I've followed 3 workshops at this pole studio Level I, Level II and Level III they were all great! The teachers start the class always with a good warm up and end it with a good cool down. The classes are always fun, its a...More
I was pretty nervous to talk a Pole Dancing class for the first time as you can imagine. I am not incredibly flexible and wasn't sure I even had the strength to pull myself up a pole!! I was met by the amazingly beautiful (inside...More

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