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  • Ayurveda in Bali


    Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems developed thousands of years ago in India. Ayurvedic treatment is focused to promote good health trough detoxification and restoration of one's overall balance.

  • Yoga in Bali


    Space/room for yoga/yoga lesson is available.


Amrtha Siddhi

Ayurveda & Yoga Health Centre
Banjar Nyuh Kuning, Ubud, Bali

At Amrtasiddhi, our professional Ayurvedic doctors and therapists work with you to improve your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.
Amrtasiddhi offers Ayurvedic consultations, treatments, medicines and healing activities that result in deep balance and long-lasting well-being.

3-Day Detox Program
from USD 450
5-Day Detox Program
from USD 770
7-Day Detox-Rejuvenation Program
from USD 1,049
8 Day Detox-(Ghee based) Program
from USD 1,255
Restoring peace and vitality
Reviewed 1 week ago
After living with chronic immunity issues for the last 3 years and getting sick for continuously... read more
Life-changing is not an overstatement!
Reviewed September 12, 2018
I came to AmrtaSiddhi pretty battered: I had had an onset of an autoimmune condition 12 years prior... read more
After living with chronic immunity issues for the last 3 years and getting sick for continuously long periods of time, I realised I needed a retreat or program that would help me repair my immune system. The doctors here are very caring, knowledgeable and intuitive...More
I so badly wanted to like this place. Ayurveda is such a powerful stream of knowledge. I was hoping that this resort would marry the rigor of Indian healing with the best of Balinese refinement and creativity. It did not. This place is not a...More
I came to AmrtaSiddhi pretty battered: I had had an onset of an autoimmune condition 12 years prior that left me with limited mobility and chronic neuropathic pain among other symptoms; I was completely burnt out from a demanding job and high pace lifestyle in...More
Coming off a long illness, I had spent 5 months with heavy narcotics and other medication being pumped into my body. I wanted some natural therapy to heal and detox, and found out about AmrtaSiddhi! I had researched dozens of centres, but something attracted me...More
I have spent 3 weeks in AmrtaSiddhi Ayurvedic Health Centre - Bali for a Panchakama program of 21 days. This was the most valuable and wonderful experience for both my physical and mental health so far. The clinic is located in Ubud, the true yogis...More
My 21 day Panchakarma was definitely a mini awakening. I entered the program with 18 months worth of chronic dizziness and chronic fatigue, which built up to a point of being completely housebound and unable to function. I had done the rounds with western specialists...More
I had a wonderful consultation with Dr Remil followed by Abhayanga massage and shirodhara. Best massage I have ever had and shirodhara (oil dripping on forehead) was a new experience but very relaxing and highly recommended. I was greeted by name and asked lots of...More
Ayurveda is the ancient Indian system of natural therapy. One of the principle components is panchakarma for cleansing and rejuvenation. This program is for those serious about their health. In India, particularly Kerala, there are many clinics, however if Bali is closer for you this...More
I recently went in May and did a 12 day Panchakarma program. Afterwards, I felt the best I have since I was in my teens. Its defiantly a process and you need to give it your time and have patience, that was a learning curve...More
I cannot recommend Amrtasiddhi enough! The peaceful setting of the centre in the heart of Ubud’s forest provides the perfect environment in which to heal. The team of caring and compassionate staff will take care of your every need: the doctors, therapists and cooks will...More
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