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    Aromatherapy massage is the alternative therapeutic technique which combines the natural therapeutic properties of the essential oils and the healing power of massage therapy.

  • Ayurveda in Bali


    Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems developed thousands of years ago in India. Ayurvedic treatment is focused to promote good health trough detoxification and restoration of one's overall balance.


    Skin care treatments for the face, including steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and massage.


    Rubbing the soft tissues of the body, such as the muscles to promote relaxation and relieve pain. It can also relieve muscle tension and may improve blood flow, relieve pressure on nerves, and restore normal joint movement.


    Reflexology is the thousands-of-years-old practice of massaging acupressure points in the Feet or Hands to relieve stress/illness/pain, and stimulate mental, emotional, physical healing and well-being in all body systems.

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Beji Ayu Spa

Jl. Monkey Forest, Gang Beji, Ubud, Bali

BEJI is a Balinese word that refers to a place of holy spring water where Balinese people perform a spiritual cleansing and purification ceremony called ''Mesucian''. This is where the holy water is also often gathered for many traditional ceremonies. AYU is Balinese word for deep beauty - both inner and outer - that can be perceived by others from one's behavior: a relaxed glow, good - will toward others, and a warm - hearted presence.

Our spa was built at this location because of this spiritual power of the springs, as its serene beauty and close proximity to central Ubud. We strive to create a healing center to bring out the 'Ayu'' in each of our guests. The location of the sacred site of the Beji helps us with our healing work by calling on these sacred spirits of the spring.

The Staff are well trained to create unique ritual and beauty therapies so your treatment with us will be truly revitalizing, peaceful and luxurious. We ensure you will enjoy our services and return again and again.

  • Toilet
  • Fan
  • Shower
  • Wifi
  • Dispossable Underware
  • Sarong Kimono
  • Locker / Storange
  • (Free) Drink / Welcome Drink
  • Hotel Transfer
  • Free Pickup Ubud Area
Lelata Dara
90 mins / 105 mins
IDR185.000 / IDR 225.000
Chakra Dara
90 mins
IDR 245.000
Warm Herbal Oils
60 mins
IDR 125.000
Balinese Massage
30 mins / 60 mins / 90 mins
IDR 60.000 / IDR 90.000 / IDR 130.000
Aroma Therapy Massage
30 mins / 60 mins
IDR 65.000 / IDR 120.000
Hot Stone Massage
60 mins(single masseuse) / 60 (mins two masseuses) / 90 mins
IDR 125.000 / IDR 190.000 / IDR175.000
Back and Shoulder Massage
30 mins / 60 mins
IDR 60.000 / IDR 90.000
Reflex Massage
30 mins / 60 mins
IDR 70.000 / IDR 125.000
Foot Massage
30 mins
IDR 60.000
Facial Ayu
60 mins
IDR 80.000
Aloe Vera Facial
60 mins
IDR 90.000
Seaweed Facial
60 mins
IDR 90.000
Earth Elements
60 mins
IDR 80.000
Flower / Fruit Elements
60 mins
IDR 80.000
Start from IDR 50.000
Start from IDR 60.000
Lulur Ayu
105 mins
IDR 150.000
Milk Bath
90 mins
IDR 135.000
Aroma Theraphy Bath
90 mins
IDR 135.000
Oriental Bath
90 mins
IDR 135.000
60 mins
IDR 100.000
Bali Kopi
60 mins
Green Tea
60 mins
IDR 100.000
Balinese Boreh
90 mins
IDR 150.000
Clay Body Masque
60 mins
IDR 90.000
Tropical Fruits
60 mins
IDR 90.000
60 mins
IDR 90.000
Honey and Milk
60 mins
IDR 100.000
Traditional Cream Bath
60 mins
IDR 80.000
Cream Conditioning
60 mins
IDR 90.000
Oil Hair Treatment
60 mins
IDR 80.000
The Prices listed subject to 10% Goverment tax!
Reviewed 1 week ago
This is our go to spa in Ubud as the quality-price ratio is very good! It's located in the city on... read more
Good body massage and reasonably priced
Reviewed December 25, 2017
I did Balinese body massage here. The massage lady was nice and had very good skills. The massage... read more
Reviewed 1 week ago
This is our go to spa in Ubud as the quality-price ratio is very good! It's located in the city on a tiny alley next to the football field. The staff is very friendly and professional and the spa treatments are very relaxing and nice....More
Reviewed December 25, 2017 via mobile
I did Balinese body massage here. The massage lady was nice and had very good skills. The massage room was clean and comfortable and the price for Balinese massage is reasonable but some items on their menu are expensive for Bali standard.
Reviewed November 11, 2017
I did a lot of research as I wanted to try one of the traditional massages in Ubud. This place is very unique as it is off the beaten path and in a calm area. I wanted to try the Ayurveda therapy massage and I...More
Reviewed September 20, 2017 via mobile
Hidden Treasure SPA at the end of a small street.. Very Clean, professional and Nice place. Lockers and possibility to take a shower. Top massage !! Absolute 6 Stars !!
Reviewed September 5, 2017 via mobile
Having been to Beji Ayu in the rice paddies last year and had the most wonderful massages, I was really looking forward to going back. Sadly I left disappointed this time. My massage therapist was inexperienced - just lots of general sweeping strokes. She even...More
Reviewed August 15, 2017 via mobile
So far my worst spa experience. I tried them few in ubud. Look around for other options. Staff is distracted, not good technique and dirty.
Reviewed June 9, 2017 via mobile
I've been visiting this spa when in Ubud since 2009 and have always enjoyed great service from massages to scrubs, facials and body wraps. Nice touches are the cool drink on arrival and the pisang goreng and herbal drink on completion of the treatment.
Reviewed June 6, 2017 via mobile
This Spa is truely a treat. It is amazing value for money. Surrounded by beautiful rice fields a perfect relaxing indulgence. Free pick up and return to your hotel in Ubud.
Reviewed June 1, 2017
I was staying at the Pondok Tropical Guest house which is where the spa is located and decided to try out their spa services. I had the Shiro Dhara + bath, Chakra Dhara, the aloe vera body mask, the conditioning treatment, the traditional cream bath....More
Reviewed May 2, 2017 via mobile
I stumbled upon this spa by accident, and what a serendipitous experience it was! I got a 60 min massage, body scrub, yoghurt mask, and flower oil soak in a bath (with petals!) for $15USD (tax and tip included!) They were lovely, clean, professional, and...More

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