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Blooming Lotus Yoga

Banjar Mawang Kaja No. 88 Lod Tunduh, Ubud, Bali

Blooming Lotus Yoga offers the opportunity to experience one of the most unique, affordable and intimate Bali yoga teacher training courses & yoga retreats in Bali. Listen to the sweet sounding birds, the trickling waters of the holy river below, and be absorbed in the breath-taking views of our jungle location- as Yoga transforms your life.

Daily Yoga Classes
Enjoy our daily Vinyasa Flow classes, suitable for all levels, each morning. Fluid sequencing of postures, linked with the breath revitalize and rejuvenate both body, mind & spirit. A balanced, holistic & safe flow sequence will be introduced each morning to energize you for the day. Afternoon classes will unwind with a more gentle Hatha Flow with Restorative/Yin poses that focus on healing & letting go. Both morning & afternoon sequenced asana classes are designed to help you develop your own personal practice after you leave the retreat.
Come join us in exploring the Heart of Yoga. We will introduce some of the deep, subtle energy practices of Yoga that truly transform your life. Topics may include: Yoga Nidra, working with Chakras (energy centers), Ayurveda, and Vedanta. Discover who you truly are.
Meditation & Pranayama Sessions
You will learn and practice safe and powerful pranayama (breath control) and meditation techniques that will promote youthfulness & vitality, heal & prevent disease, create a calm, creative, and peaceful state of mind, foster freedom from sorrow and suffering, and bring you into the awareness of each present moment- leading to liberation and the ultimate state of Bliss. Incorporating pranayama and meditation into your daily life will transform you in ways untold……it is the true treasure of Yoga.
Yogic Lifestyle & Simply Living Sessions
These intimate and personal guidance sessions allow you to discover and implement a healthy & balanced Yogic Lifestyle that promotes youthfulness, vitality, joy, and peace in your daily life. We will address such topics as healthy diet & eating patterns, daily routines that promote mental & emotional peace, communication patterns that foster love and understanding, and simple living that nurtures balance and self-healing within each moment.
beautiful, transformative, wonderful week
Reviewed 1 week ago
all the tremendous reviews are spot on! it was really a perfect week. as mentioned Bindi and... read more
A beautiful experience.
Reviewed 1 week ago
This retreat was an unexpected awakening for me..... it's as though my spirit has come to life. I'm... read more
all the tremendous reviews are spot on! it was really a perfect week. as mentioned Bindi and Anisha, our teachers, were beyond inspiring, patient, kind, caring and heart opening. they were so great everyone wants to talk about them first, but also to be mentioned...More
This retreat was an unexpected awakening for me..... it's as though my spirit has come to life. I'm so curious and excited to learn more. I am so grateful that this door has been opened for me.
I am a beginner. I am a french canadien from Canada. I was doing research and research to find THE good retreat...not surfing, not chilling but for a 7 days straight yoga and meditation retreat...learning how to focuss and how to learn something. I don’t...More
This place was amazing and the beautiful people here are so professional and the hospitality was just perfect in every way. I was the only guy here and was welcomed and never felt that I was in the wrong place. The villas are second to...More
Great yoga, great people, fantastic food (despite my reservations about vegan food). Learned to meditate and the villa was just amazing. cant wait to go back. Hope you get Bindi as she is just a beautiful soul.
Photos can't show you how great this place is. I spent the first week of the year there. What place is better to celeberate the New Year's Eve? It was a fresh peaceful start to the year. I'm grateful to our teacher Anisha. She is...More
I went on the retreat over the Christmas period as it sounded a great way to spend that time doing some exercise. What I didn't know was that I would have a life changing experience over the 7 day retreat and meet someone of the...More
I have had the great pleasure of attending both a week long yoga retreat and a 200 hour teacher training course at Blooming Lotus. It is a beautiful location in paradise but more importantly the teachers are truly excellent and deeply committed to sharing their...More
I am forever grateful to Lily and Ramananda, Bindi, Timmy and the whole Blooming Lotus family. Returning to Blooming Lotus as a Luminary on a YTT was a homecoming in all senses. With so much love you are invited home to your true essence, guided...More
The month I spent in Blooming Lotus Yoga for YTT200 and the Silent Meditation Retreat has been like a month in paradise for me, which shaped myself and my life in ways I have never ever expected before. It’s hard to put into words what...More

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