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Conscious Healing

Radiantly Alive Yoga Studio
Off Jl Raya Ubud across from Bali Buddha, Ubud, Bali

Everyone has areas in our lives where we are not functioning at our highest potential

Bringing these areas into conscious awareness can assist you to clear and heal them and thereby create space for transformation in your life.

Schedule an appointment to learn how you can bring a greater and deeper understanding of the interaction & connection of the mind, body & spirit for increased well being.

BODY, MIND & SPIRIT MINI CONSULTATION. Includes Aura & Chakra Analysis & Interpretation. Includes Aura Photo.
30 mins
USD 58
BODY, MIND & SPIRIT CONSULTATION. Includes Aura & Chakra Analysis with Interpretation and Full Organ Biofeedback.
60 mins
USD 94
BODY, MIND & SPIRIT COACHING. Want to find ways to transform your life and have more joy, energy and manifest your dreams. Regular coaching is the best way to create sustainable change in your life. Sessions can be done in person or via telephone or Skype.
60 mins
USD 94

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