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    Aromatherapy massage is the alternative therapeutic technique which combines the natural therapeutic properties of the essential oils and the healing power of massage therapy.


    Skin care treatments for the face, including steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and massage.

  • Female Therapist in Bali


    Massages and treatments are provided by female therapists/masseuses.


    Cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails, hands (manicure) and toenails and feet (pedicure)


    Rubbing the soft tissues of the body, such as the muscles to promote relaxation and relieve pain. It can also relieve muscle tension and may improve blood flow, relieve pressure on nerves, and restore normal joint movement.


    Reflexology is the thousands-of-years-old practice of massaging acupressure points in the Feet or Hands to relieve stress/illness/pain, and stimulate mental, emotional, physical healing and well-being in all body systems.

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Nine Heaven Spa

Jl Monkey Forest, Ubud, Bali

Known for its distinct Zen flavour and a touch of the Japanese traditions, Nine Heaven Spa offers treatments ranging from the usual’s of traditional Balinese massage, which is a must try; to the hot stone massage, reflexology and aromatherapy, Nine Heaven Spa also offers packages combining body scrubs, manicure/pedicure and facials with full-body massage and acupressure. See the full menu of treatments on our services page

30 mins / 60 mins
IDR 70.000 / IDR 100.000
Shoulder Massage
30 mins
IDR 80.000
Balinese Massage
60 mins / 90 mins / 120 mins
IDR 100.000 / IDR 140.000 / IDR 180.000
Arromatherapy Massage
60 mins / 90 mins / 120 mins
IDR 130.000 / IDR 170.000 / IDR 200.000
Acupressure Massage
60 mins
IDR 150.000
Aromatherapy Back Massage
30 mins
IDR 80.000
Stone Massage
90 mins
IDR 190.000
Body Scrub
120 mins
IDR 200.000
Facial Treatment
60 mins
IDR 130.000
Natural Facial Treatment
30 mins
IDR 50.000
Manicure or Predicure
60 mins
IDR 60.000
Manicure or Predicure with Polish
IDR 70.000
Manicure or Predicure with Design
IDR 80.000
IDR 70.000
For Woman During Menstruation Relax Massage
60 mins
IDR 80.000
Whatever you ask and pay for you get Balinese Massage..
Reviewed January 29, 2018
I've come here for both Balinese massage and Aromatherapy massage.. You pay more for Aromatherapy... read more
Nails+back massage
Reviewed June 26, 2017
Great treatment, nice and patient. I like the results. Also an amazing back massage 30 minutes on... read more
Reviewed January 29, 2018
I've come here for both Balinese massage and Aromatherapy massage.. You pay more for Aromatherapy massage but the treatments are exactly the same and the same oil is used. If you come here just pay for the cheapest treatment, you end up getting the same...More
Reviewed June 26, 2017 via mobile
Great treatment, nice and patient. I like the results. Also an amazing back massage 30 minutes on the chair.
Reviewed October 22, 2016 via mobile
I found staff so friendly and enjoyed all my treatments: Hot rock therapy Body scrub and massage Ear candle Foot massage Facial Balinese massage aromatherapy I also loved tea..
Reviewed October 6, 2016
We decided on a whim that we wanted to get a massage and tried a few places to walk in. The two we knew of were busy and so when we passed this place, we looked it up on TA quick (thanks TA fam!), saw...More
Reviewed September 18, 2016 via mobile
We actually wanted to go to another spa in this street which was closed, so saw this spa and had the best massage ever (and I had a few). They use enough oil (not too much!) and were very professional. It was a clean place,...More
Reviewed September 17, 2016 via mobile
Had one with Wayan, the male therapist... wow... really good. Really really good. Great pressure, felt amazing and still awake afterwards - not like a total zombie, which tends to be the case when there is too much relaxation and less focus on working the...More
Reviewed September 17, 2016 via mobile
Great acupressure nice people and very clean high standard and very inexpensive, a must in Ubud. Very good pedicures too
Reviewed September 16, 2016 via mobile
I was looking for a good Thai Massage (after a very poor one at Namaste Spa). The famous establishment next door was full, so I thought I would give 9 Heaven a go! A very good decision. The place is clean and hygienic and the...More
Reviewed August 20, 2016 via mobile
The price was very fair and everyone was friendly. Clean place as a slight hidden gem down the alley. Ari did a fantastic pedicure.
Reviewed June 16, 2016
The masseur was really lovely and all the experience was super good. We also got a relaxing tea afterwards. Definitely recommend this spa.

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