Cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails, hands (manicure) and toenails and feet (pedicure)


    Rubbing the soft tissues of the body, such as the muscles to promote relaxation and relieve pain. It can also relieve muscle tension and may improve blood flow, relieve pressure on nerves, and restore normal joint movement.


Spa at Villa Sabandari

Villa Sabandari Ubud
Jalan Pura Gunung Sari, 4, Banjar Ambengan, Peliatan, Ubud, Bali

A ‘Bali holiday’ could not be complete without a visit to the spa where quality and hygiene are paramount and where you can surrender yourself to the rituals of a relaxing spa, which you so richly deserve.

Upon arrival at our cozy spa you will be welcomed with a refreshing drink and a relaxing foot bath. During this time you will be informed of the various treatments available and, depending upon the treatment chosen, you will be accompanied to the beauty salon or the massage parlor which features an outdoor shower and rock bath.

The beauty salon’s interior decoration is at top European standards with the same furniture and equipment you would expect at home, but in the exotic surroundings of one of the newest Bali hotels.

The treatment products have a natural composition and consist of essential oils, algae and plants, aromatic oils and plant extracts.

The beauty salon offers classical Western facial treatments, body care, waxing, manicure and pedicure.

In the massage salon you can enjoy a variety of traditional treatments using local products, fresh Balinese herbs, spices and herbal oils.
For both the classical, Western treatments and the traditional treatments we use only the highest quality products.

In Villa Sabandari Spa our primary objective is to contribute to the well being of our guests.
Non-guests are most welcome as we want to ensure that expats in Ubud and surroundings have access to first class Western treatments.

All treatments are by appointment only.

Balinese Traditional Massage
Relaxing Foot Massage
30 mins
Shoulder Massage
30 mins
Herbal Bath - Mandi Lulur
2 hrs
Refreshing Green Tea Scrub
2 hrs
Milk bath – Mandi Susu
2 hrs
Balinese Boreh
2 hrs
Cream Bath
60 mins
60 mins
60 mins
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