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  • Ayurveda in Bali


    Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems developed thousands of years ago in India. Ayurvedic treatment is focused to promote good health trough detoxification and restoration of one's overall balance.

  • Female Therapist in Bali


    Massages and treatments are provided by female therapists/masseuses.


    Rubbing the soft tissues of the body, such as the muscles to promote relaxation and relieve pain. It can also relieve muscle tension and may improve blood flow, relieve pressure on nerves, and restore normal joint movement.

  • Yoga in Bali


    Space/room for yoga/yoga lesson is available.


Suravi Spa

Jl. Monkey forest, Ubud, Bali

Suravi spa is pleased to welcome you to a unique relaxing and healing experience for your mind, body and soul. Each treatment is started with a traditional Indian blessing ceremony, inspired by Kalaripayattu, an anciant martial art from Kerala, which helps to put all stressed thoughts at ease and prepare the body and soul for relaxation. Suravi spa incorporate healing knowledge from this mythical Kalari tradition and focus on the healing aspects of the treatments.

Abhyangam Oil (Full Body Medicated Oil Massage)
60 mins
Abhyangam Ghee (Full Body Medicated Ghee Massage)
60 mins
Abhyangam Fruit (Full Body Fruit Massage)
60 mins
Udwartana (Weight loss herbal powder full body massage)
Marma Energy (Ginger herbal oil compressor body massage)
60 mins
Shastika PIinda Sweda Njavara Kizhi (Rice- milk compressor body massage)
60 mins
Choornasweda Podikizhi (Herbal Powder mix compressor body massage)
60 mins
Pizhichil (or “Royal Treatment” herbal oil compressor body massage)
60 mins
Padaghata (body massage with feet)
60 mins
Shiroabhyangam (head - face - neck herbal oil massage)
30 mins
Talapotichil (Medicinal paste head treatment)
60 mins
Shirovasti (Stress reliving herbal oil head treatment)
60 mins
Shiropichu (Forehead and scalp herbal oil massage)
60 mins
Pada Abhyangam (Leg & feet medicated oil massage)
30 mins
Kativasti (Medicated oil treatment for body aches)
60 mins
Upanaha Sweda (Medicated and herbal paste pain relieving massage)
60 mins
UROVASTI (Heart and cardiac medicated oil massage)
60 mins
Shirodara and Ksheerdhara (Forehead flow with medicated oils/butter milk/herbal milk)
60 mins
Sarvangadhara (Full body flow with herbal oil/ butter milk/ herbal milk)
60 mins
Netradhara (Herbal milk eye cleansing)
30 mins
Netra Tarpana (Medicated ghee eye treatment)
30 mins
Karna Pooranam (Herbal oil ear treatment)
30 mins
Nasyam (Herbal oil nasal treatment)
30 mins
Avagaha Sweda (Herbal steam water bath)
30 mins
Bashpasweda (Herbal steam weight loss bath)
30 mins
Sundararya Varddhini (Ayurveda Facial)
60 mins
Snana (Therapeutic herbal bath)
30 mins
Open Chakra
Reviewed August 28, 2018
The massage was 2 hours and was pleasant ... Want to thank wewek and the other girl that massage... read more
Reviewed August 10, 2018
Greeted so pleasantly from start to finish. I had the aromatherapy massage for an hour which was... read more
The massage was 2 hours and was pleasant ... Want to thank wewek and the other girl that massage for us yesterday. I make reservation thru Facebook messenger reply was fast and I actually reached abt 2 hours earlier.
Greeted so pleasantly from start to finish. I had the aromatherapy massage for an hour which was pure bliss. The masseuse was concerned of how deep I wanted it and she was so thorough with every inch. Definitely recommend a visit.
I had a massage twice here. What a beautiful way to honour my body by being honoured by these ladies that have respect, kindness and love for the bodies and beings that come to them. A truly wonderful experience. My body is so great-full
It is well worth traveling to Ubud if only to see Dr. Suresh and receive an open chakra treatment from him. His treatments are incredible and he is able to heal some very deep-seated physical and emotional wounds. I highly recommend him.
Great relaxing massages and amazing Ayurvedic healing treatments from Pak Suresh, a gifted Indian Ayurvedic specialist and his highly trained team. I have been coming here regularly for 4 years and highly recommend all the treatments at this simple but friendly and lovely spa. First...More
I’ve been searching high and low for a great Shiro Dhara. This one was probably the worst I’ve had. Zero talent in the massage itself, less when the oil started. Cost a heap too. Please avoid.
I had a very healing experience with Suresh during my time in Ubud this February and March. I had a total of 3 treatments and each time I went back, the healing was deeper and deeper. I left Bali feeling more grounded and secure and...More
Wandered in when passing to get a 30 minute foot massage. Very friendly staff and reasonably priced- 50000. Great massage - very relaxed throughout. ‘Spa’ itself is a little dated.
We visited and each had the 1hr reflexology massage for 100k ea. The staff were very friendly and smiley. The shop is very small but the foot massage chairs are at the front and quite comfy (I get a sore back quite easily). The massage...More
I make sure each time I’m in Bali to visit Suravi Spa for their range of incredible treatments. Yesterday I had a 2 hour chakra opening massage with Suresh Ayurveda who is an aryurvedic doctor from India. It was one of the best treatments I...More

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