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    Skin care treatments for the face, including steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and massage.

  • Female Therapist in Bali


    Massages and treatments are provided by female therapists/masseuses.


    Cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails, hands (manicure) and toenails and feet (pedicure)


    Rubbing the soft tissues of the body, such as the muscles to promote relaxation and relieve pain. It can also relieve muscle tension and may improve blood flow, relieve pressure on nerves, and restore normal joint movement.


    Reflexology is the thousands-of-years-old practice of massaging acupressure points in the Feet or Hands to relieve stress/illness/pain, and stimulate mental, emotional, physical healing and well-being in all body systems.


    Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root.


Murano Spa

Jl. Dewi Saraswati III (kunti II), Seminyak, Bali

Murano Spa & Salon terletak di daerah pemukiman yang tenang dan damai di Seminyak, jauh dari daerah Kuta yang ramai dan hiruk pikuk.

Sedikit "Surga" kami memungkinkan Anda untuk bersantai, mundur dari dunia Anda yang sibuk dan menghargai semua hal baik yang Anda miliki dalam hidup Anda. Murano SPA adalah tempat di mana semangat dan kesejahteraan Anda adalah prioritas nomor satu kami.

  • 10 single room dengan bath tub dan garden wiew
  • 3 double room (luas) dengan bath tub besar, water fall dan garden wiew
  • 2 facial room dengan 4 bed
  • 5 tempat creambath
  • Free pick up untuk Seminyak area (min 2 orang)
Four Hands Massage
60 mnt
Back & Shoulder Massage
60 mnt
Relaxing Massage
60 / 90 mnt
Rp.100.000 / 140.000
Traditional Balinese Massage
60 / 90 mnt
Rp.100.000 / 140.000
Green Tea Bath
90 / 120 mnt
Rp.170.000 / 220.000
Javanese Lulur / Herbal Bath
90 / 120 mnt
Rp.170.000 / 220.000
Hot Stone Massage
90 / 120 mnt
Rp.200.000 / 250.000
Sea Salt Bath
90 / 120 mnt
Rp.170.000 / 220.000
Fruit Bath
90 / 120mnt
Rp.170.000 / 220.000
Milk Bath
90 / 120 mnt
Rp.170.000 / 220.000
Honey Bath
90 / 120 mnt
Rp.170.000 / 220.000
Balinese Boreh
90 / 120 mnt
Rp.170.000 / 220.000
60 mnt
60 mnt
Manicure - No Polish
Manicure -With Polish
Manicure -With Design
Pedicure - No Polish
Pedicure - With Polish
Pedicure -With Design
mulai Rp.30.000
Hair Wash Only
Hair Wash & Blow Dry
Rp.80.000 (short) / 100.000 (long)
Face Shave
Body Shave
Harga dikenakan Pajak 10%,
Harga dapat berubah sewaktu-waktu tanpa pemberitahuan
Price friendly and great staff
Reviewed 4 weeks ago
While staying in Seminyak for 10 days my husband and I had daily 1 hour relaxation massages for $10... read more
Reviewed April 17, 2019
Incredibly beautiful place, the enterance is stunning with all the wood and the big waterfall and... read more
While staying in Seminyak for 10 days my husband and I had daily 1 hour relaxation massages for $10 + $1 tax. It was worth every cent. Two exceptional staff who did our daily massages were Rani and Putri. Looking at some previous comments, my...More
We got free pick up from the villa we appreciate it. However the technique of the massage is not good enough. Although the view of the room is quite good, the facility is a bit old and no air conditioning. We sweated a lot after...More
Incredibly beautiful place, the enterance is stunning with all the wood and the big waterfall and little pond. There’s big arches in the rooms and you can hear the water from all of the gorgeous water features they have dotted around. All the staff are...More
Wife and I had a massage at this place. I thought it was good as I do not have too many massages. My wife said it was very good and she is a bit of an expert on massages. Cost was very reasonable. A little...More
Such a nice and welcoming place with a relaxing environment and friendly staff. We've been here twice and had different type of massages. I did the Balinese Relaxing and traditional massage and the relaxing was the best for me. The traditional and relaxing massages are...More
Stayed at Ramada encore just up road for 5 days so went here twice a day everyday! great service, can get a little busy sometimes so we tended to book in morning for afternoon. All services we had were great, very ambient with waterfalls off...More
I took my partner here, and we were treated with great service and quickly brought through with no booking. We had the honey bath treatment, and we both feel silky smooth and relaxed after! The bath was beautiful and ginger tea AMAZING. we’ve had massages...More
Price is not the cheapest, considering the run down place and cold reception. Don't even go for the manicure or pedicure, as you will not be put in a decent place to enjoy the treatment (put in a messy, hot area) and the skills of...More
Its quite cheap actually with free pickup from Seminyak area. The massage here is good. However facilities here are quite old. Hence the attitude of boss / waitress are awful. Its 2~3 KM from the shopping center. Not convenient for visitors. I may suggest go...More
Wow! This was the first thing i did when i arrived in bali. Wow definitely amazing i almost nodded off at least 4 times during my massage. I then had a body scrub and a flower bath definitely a bali bucket list. I picked this...More

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