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    Aromatherapy massage is the alternative therapeutic technique which combines the natural therapeutic properties of the essential oils and the healing power of massage therapy.


    Skin care treatments for the face, including steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and massage.

  • Female Therapist in Bali


    Massages and treatments are provided by female therapists/masseuses.


    Cosmetic beauty treatment for the fingernails, hands (manicure) and toenails and feet (pedicure)


    Rubbing the soft tissues of the body, such as the muscles to promote relaxation and relieve pain. It can also relieve muscle tension and may improve blood flow, relieve pressure on nerves, and restore normal joint movement.


    Reflexology is the thousands-of-years-old practice of massaging acupressure points in the Feet or Hands to relieve stress/illness/pain, and stimulate mental, emotional, physical healing and well-being in all body systems.


Ubud Wellness Spa

Jl. Raya Pengosekan, Ubud, Bali

Perawatan spa di Ubud Wellness Spa berdasarkan pemindahan energi dengan konsentrasi total (Dharana) ke klien. Tangan-tangan terampil spa terapis kami akan mengantarkan pikiran Anda ke dalam penjelajahan kedalam tubuh dan jiwa. Manfaat dari perawatan tersebut adalah untuk menstimulasi, meremajakan dan menyeimbangkan kembali tubuh dan jiwa Anda. 

Balinese Massage
60/90 menit
RP 150.000 / 215.000
Lomi Lomi Massage
60/90 menit
RP 155.000 / 220.000
Oriental Body Wellness
75/105 menit
RP 175.000 / 230.000
Chinese Reflexology Massage
60 menit
RP 135.000
Hot Stones Massage
1.5 / 2 jam
RP 285.000 / 320.000
Aromatheraphy Seaweed Facial
60 menit
RP 155.000
Aromatheraphy Herbal Facial
90 menit
RP 155.000
Aromatheraphy Aloe Vera Facial
60 menit
RP 155.000
Organic Creambath
60 menit
RP 150.000
Pedicure / Manicure
60 menit
RP 115.000 / 100.000
Lulur Royal
60 menit
RP 155.000
The Royal Kumkuman Body Wellness
3.5 jam
RP 500.000
Purification Body Scrub
120 menit
RP 275.000
Beauty Package
120 menit
RP 455.000
Ubud Wellness Total Package
240 menit
RP 675.000
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Superb little spa with professional staff and a friendly welcome
Reviewed August 30, 2018
Looking for a traditional Balinese massage in a cozy spa with good therapists and at a decent price... read more
Reviewed August 17, 2018
The best massage in Bali! They only had a male but he was very good and very considerate of... read more
Looking for a traditional Balinese massage in a cozy spa with good therapists and at a decent price was the mission. I saw this cute spa just off the main road in Ubud and was greete with a warm welcome. I was immediately convinced that...More
The best massage in Bali! They only had a male but he was very good and very considerate of everything!
Came here on my first day in ubud and got the Balinese traditional massage for one hour and paid 150,000IDR. My masseuse’s name is Mitha and she was very sweet. She did an amazing job, she wasn’t too rough on me which is what I...More
I regularly visit Ubud for self-care holidays (yoga, meditation, sound healing, massages etc) and I was shown this place by a local. It is a little more pricey than the main street spas, you you get your money's worth. You won't be interrupted with ringing...More
After the initial shock that you're outside in the heat getting a massage, we feel in love with this spa. We went back almost daily for one thing or another the whole week we were there.
Just visited this spa for a 5.5 hours of r&r. I had the full package with massage, scrub and body mask, flower bath, hair treatment and manicure+pedicure. I also had an herbal face treatment. Everything was top notch and the service impeccable. Will come back!
We did the package for 3.5 h and the ratio quality/price was really good. From the massage, the scrub, the facial treatment, the bath and then the hair treatment we can't say what was the best as the overall experience was really delightful
My husband and I came here twice during our stay in Ubud for balinese massage, both times were excellent. The place is small, hidden and simple and very well priced, highly recommended if you are after a good massage at a good price without all...More
Y husband and I booked 90 min Balenise massages. I was lucky with my massage because my masseuse Agung is very professional and experienced, she does a great job, her massage exceeded my expectations; so I am coming back to here every day for the...More
This spa is not that easy to find as it is down a laneway. The fact that it is popular shows that it is good. I had a 1 hour Balinese massage with Made. I asked for a little extra time on my neck and...More

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