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location Nusa Dua

address Jln. ByPass Ngurah Rai 501,
Nusa Dua.

phone 776.995

fax (62-361) 776.995

parking Yes

credit card Yes

pre booking Advisable

open hours 8.30 a.m. to 11.00 p.m., daily.

Adi Spa Free Drop & Pick-upMassage by Female

Modern complete spa offering a wide variety of services, run by leading Water Sport, Diving and Adventure Company. Different massages, body scrubs, facials and many different packages, are all available. You will have the opportunity of having your photo taken in the flower bath at the end of most treatments. A souvenir with a difference.
Adi Spa
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Deluxe Aromatherapy Massage [1.00 hours]
This full body massage uses essential oils to help soothe your tied body.
Adi Spa
Adi Spa
Adi Spa

Coconut Scrub [1.50 hours]
Natural coconut is used to scrub the whole body to eliminate dead skin cells. The body is then moisturized with a carrot conditioner before soaking in a scented flower bath, whilst having your picture taken.

Jetlag Massage [1.50 hours]
A combination massage of Balinese traditional aromatherapy and both Shiatsu and Thai massage techniques.

Reflexology [0.50 hours]
This foot massage is done by stimulating the pressure points in your feet which improves blood circulation throughout your body.

Traditional Balinese Massage [1.00 hours]
A recuperative massage to release tight muscles, using strokes that have been developed over many generations of Balinese.

Traditional Facial [1.50 hours]
Weeds and herbs are used to assist in the peeling of dead skin cells then a msaque is applied to regenerate new healthy growth.
Deluxe Plus Ando Massage [1.00 hours]
An Adi Jalan-Jalan original massage using two therapists. Four hands soothe and tend your tired body.

Ando Massage Facial [1.50 hours]
This facial treatment is especially designed for women. A relaxing massage is performed on the face, shoulders, neck and back.

Bali Coffee Scrub [1.50 hours]
A Balinese Coffee Scrub is used on the whole body to eliminate dead skin cells and then subsequently moisturuzed with a carrot conditioner before you soak in a scented flower bath whilst having your picture taken.

Javanese Lulur [2.00 hours]
Begin with a traditional Balinese massage then a body scrub is applied to exfoliate the dead skin. A yoghurt body masque is then used to help regenerate growth. Finish with a flower bath, whilst having your picture taken.

Memories Set [3.00 hours]
+ Body Massage + Lulur Scrub + Flower Bath + Balinese Costume + Picture

Slimming Set [3.00 hours]
+ Ando Massage + Lulur Scrub + Bush-up+Mask + Flower Bath + Ginger Tea
Luxury Cahaya Set [5.00 hours]
+ Jetlag Massage + Lulur Scrub + Ando Massage Facial + Creambath + Flower Bath + Ginger Tea

Fantastic Set [3.50 hours]
+ Body Massage + Lulur Scrub + Flower Bath + Traditional Facial + Manicure

India Set [2.00 hours]
+ Head Massage + Body Massage + Face Massage+Mask + Flower Bath + Ginger Tea

Relaxation Set [4.00 hours]
+ Jetlag Massage + Lulur Scrub + Traditional Facial + Flower Bath + Ginger Tea

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