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hotel Cendana Resort

location Ubud

address Jln. Monkey Forest,

phone 973.243

fax (62-361) 971.930

parking Yes

credit card Yes

pre booking Advisable

open hours 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m., daily.

Cendana Spa Colon HydrotherapyFasting ProgramFrench MassageJacuzziLomi-Lomi MassageMassage by FemaleMassage by MaleMilk BathYoga Class

Cendana Resort
An extensive spa complex in the grounds of the Cendana Resort, at the edge of the rice paddies. They offer a range of massages, body scrubs, masks and facials. Cendana also specialise in a series of Colon Therapy treatment programs that include colon hydrotherapy. You have the choice of a single treatment or three treatments over a six day period. Controlled fasting at the resort is another option
Cendana Spa
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Deluxe Avocado Body Mask [1.50 hours]
An application of pureed avocado and aloe vera gel is applied to your body which is then wrapped in plastic.
Cendana Spa
Cendana Spa
Cendana Spa

Balinese Boreh [1.50 hours]
An old Balinese recipe to cure many ills. Your body is covered with a mixture of spices and herbs more associated with curries. It warms and cleanses your body.

Body Reflexology Massage [1.00 hours]
Using ancient Chinese techniques this massage focuses on pressure to the meridian points to relieve muscle spasms and tension.

Body Shampoo [1.50 hours]
After a full body massage, your body is scrubbed with a body foam, then a thin layer of essential oil [mixed with arak, palm wine] is applied. As the arak evaporates it cools your body.

Cendana Lulur [2.00 hours]
After a 45 minute herbal massage, your skin is coated with a herb and rice powder mixture and scrubbed to remove dead skin. Then a warm flower bath to revitalise you.

Colonic Therapy - Single Treatment [2.00 hours]
While lungs, skins, kidneys and liver also serve to eliminate toxins, people throughout history have experienced that when the colon is cleansed and healed, the well being of the whole body is enhanced. This is a single treatment program.

French Massage [1.00 hours]
Focuses on the lymphatic system to assist in the movement of toxins out of the body, and aid in the reduction of cellulite.

Honey Mask [1.00 hours]
Honey nourishes and softens your skin, which is what it does when your body is wrapped in it.

Lomi-Lomi Massage [1.00 hours]
A traditional Hawaiian massage that uses fragrant oils. A deep massage of flowing strokes.

Mandi Susu [2.00 hours]
After a 45 minute full body massage and a body scrub, relax in a milk bath, a traditional Javanese health and beauty treatment.

Mandi Susu [2.00 hours]
After a 45 minute full body massage and a body scrub, relax in a milk bath, a traditional Javanese health and beauty treatment.

Traditional Balinese Massage [1.00 hours]
Uses traditional Balinese local massage techniques that include acupressure and muscle manipulation. Includes a face and head massage.

Traditional Facial - Honey & Cucumber [1.00 hours]
A mixture of honey, lime and cucumber is applied to your face reduces skin irritations, softens and moisturises. The added infusion of steam promotes new cell growth.

Tropical Body Scrub [2.00 hours]
After a traditional Balinese massage, a sea salt and oil is used as a scrub to cleanse your skin. Relax in a bath of warm sea salt water and finish with an application of body moisturizer.
Deluxe Plus Colonic Therapy - Three Treatments [6.00 hours]
A single colon cleansing often produces dramatic results, enough to convince most people of the benefits. A series of three is usually recommended by most experts in the field.
Luxury Colonic Therapy - 6 Day Package [9.00 hours]
For maximum benefits, on offer is a six day program of daily colon hydrotherapy combined with a controlled fasting program, plus special Acupuncture Detoxifying, leading to TOTAL TISSUE CLEANSING.

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