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hotel The Mansion Resort Hotel & Spa

location Ubud

address Jln, Penestanan,
Sayan - Ubud

phone 972.616

fax (62-361) 972.632

parking Yes

credit card Yes

pre booking Essential

open hours 9.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m., daily.

Heaven and Earth Rejuvenation Spa Massage by FemaleSwimming PoolYoga Class

The Mansion Resort Hotel & Spa
Situated in the gardens of The Mansion, this spa offers a range of treatments from simlpe massage and reflexology to exotic body scrubs and masks. The Beauty Salon section performs facials and cream baths as well as manicures and pedicures that both include local area massage. They also offer profesional make-up to prepare for that special evening. Astangga Yoga is also practised here and regular private sessions are held.
Heaven and Earth Rejuvenation Spa
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Basic Plus Back and Head Massage [0.50 hours]
Stimulating massage of your spine, neck and back relaxes stressed body muscles and releases tension. Traditional Balinese acupressure techniques are used to improve blood circulation.

Back Massage [0.50 hours]
A 20 minute mini massage using traditional Balinese techniques of deep accupressure and the stretching of muscles. Treatment areas include your spine, shoulders and stress points.

Body Mask [0.50 hours]
A mask of natural soft Balinese spices and essences is applied to your body for this 20 minute treatment.

Body Scrub & Moisturizer [0.50 hours]
A 20 minute program to remove the epidermal layer of dry and flaking skin cells by gently hand massage movements with special body exfoliates. Finishes with the application of a body moisturizer.

Cream Bath [1.00 hours]
A hair treatment that uses natural blends of avocado and aloe vera. Paticularly effective to repair chemical or sun damaged hair.

Foot Bath Massage [0.50 hours]
A 20 minute session that includes a relaxing foot bath and reflexology massage of the base of your feet to release the related meridian lines.

Foot Reflexology [1.00 hours]
An old Chinese method that uses the reflex points in your feet, by applying acupressure to them, to stimulate the body's own healing processes along meridian lines.
Deluxe Acupressure Massage [1.00 hours]
This massage is based on the flexology principle that parrcular organs and muscles can be accessed by reflex points located in the feet and hands. These points respond to acupressure thus stimulating the body's own healing processes.

Body Massage [1.00 hours]
A traditional Balinese full body massage with soft movement and pressure. Essential oils are used as the pressure is applied to the meridian lines of your body.

Manicure/Pedicure [1.00 hours]
These treatments repair damage to skin around your finger nails or to your feet, as well as trimmimg and cleaning nails and carefully trimming the cuticles and surrounding skin.

Yoga and Meditation [1.00 hours]
A session of Astangga Yoga increases the feeling in all parts of the body, the calm slow movements invigorate the energy flow to the muscles.
Deluxe Plus Facial [1.50 hours]
A 75 minute treatment of cleansing and moisturising that revitalises the skin. Finshes with a Balinese scalp and shoulder massage.

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