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location Kuta

address Jln. Dewi Sri,

phone 760.077

fax (62-361) 760.077

parking Yes

credit card Yes

pre booking Advisable

open hours 10.00 a.m. to 9.00 p.m., daily.

The Day Spa Massage by FemaleShiatsu MassageSwedish Massage

This is a Balinese offshoot of large Japanese chain of spas, operated by a local Balinese family. Very clean modern premises offering a wide variety of massages, body scrubs, aromatherapy, reflexology and facials. The overal theme is that of combining therapies from both eastern and western cultures.
The Day Spa
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Basic Shiatsu Head Massage [0.50 hours]
Shiatsu and Acupressure techniques that concentrate on the neck, shoulder, head and face. The therapeutic value is wide ranging, from helping migraines, regular headaches, stiff necks and frozen shoulders, to clearing and opening the sinuses.
The Day Spa
The Day Spa
The Day Spa
The Day Spa
The Day Spa
Basic Plus Day Bliss [1.50 hours]
A deep tissue massage to release tension. of Eastern and Western body techniques to release chronic muscle tension and emotional stress. Designed to bring relief to stiffened, tight and fatigued muscles and joints. Essential oils are used to intensify the benefits.

Day Dream "Signature Touch" [1.00 hours]
Therapist uses mostly fingers, palms and knuckles which is highly effective to manipulate muscles and energy pathways, thereby improving blood circulation and eliminating toxic build up. The Day Spa?s signature touch.

Foot Reflexology [1.00 hours]
Begins with a soothing lavender aroma foot soak and exfoliating crystal salt rub and steamed towel wrap soften and revitalize weary feet. While the steamed towel wrap sets, the lower legs are massaged with tropical nut oil, promoting further circulation followed by head and shoulder massage. Finally, a moisturizing lavender foot massage.
Deluxe Aromatherapy Facial [1.00 hours]
This hydrating skincare treatment alleviates the impact of tropical sun and sea. The combination of bioactive ingredients gently removes impurities, improves elasticity and nourishes skin. Perfect when combined with a body treatment or massage.

Cream Bath [1.00 hours]
Deep conditioning hair and scalp treatment. Head, neck and shoulder massage to relieve tension and stress. Cream bath for dry to greasy hair; contain extract avocado oil, Vitamin A and Protein, recommended for dry hair type.

Hot Stone Therapy [2.00 hours]
Using smooth stones heated in the water, the therapist massage your oiled skin with strong strokes of Swedish massage then the stones in the key areas such as palm of hands, your belly. Other stones beneath you press gently into your body. The long kneading strokes of Swedish massage and the weight of the stones combine

In the Mood for Love [1.50 hours]
A special treatment package for two persons to enjoy together. Experience the total Day Bliss treatment package followd by an Aromatherapy Facial.
Deluxe Plus Between Heavan and Earth [3.00 hours]
This package combines all that is in the Rhythmic 4 Hands [using two therapists working at the same time] and concludes with a Cream Bath.

La Lune de Miel [2.50 hours]
This is a total Spa treatment package for Honeymooners. Begins with foot Bath soaked to the aromatic Lavender essential oil bath. 1.5 hours of sensual Day Bliss therapy and followed by Shiatsu head massage and finished with a foot massage.

Rhythmic Four Hands [two therapists] [2.00 hours]
The Day Spa Signature treatment! Imagine two pairs of hands choreographing rhythmic dance-like movements over you for double the impact. This incredible ultimate experience is equivalent to receiving at 2.5 hour body work. Including Scalp & Head Massage and Foot Massage.

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