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 We are attempting to bring you a total list of all the Spas to be found in Bali. From the small local salon offering a simple massage up to the super luxurious multi-day programs at exclusive Spa resorts. 

For your convenience we have listed each of the Spas under the different categories that their treatment programs fall under:



Basic Less than Rupiah 100,000 [approx $US10]
Basic Plus More than Rupiah 100,000  [paid in rupiah]
De-Luxe Less than $US 50
De-Luxe Plus $US 50  - 100
Luxury $US 100 - 200
Luxury Plus More than $US 200

Many Spas will be listed under more than one category, depending on the length and complexity of each treatment. The time duration for each treatment is clearly shown [to the nearest half hour] directly after the treatment name.

We list all the different areas of Bali together with special features that may be available. You can search on all three together [Category, Location Area amd Special Features] or any one or two. The Special Features include unusual massage styles, free pick-up from your hotel, and some of the more selective services. Some spas also do outside calls, sending the therapist to you.

Where a Spa is situated within a hotel or villa complex, then it can also be found under the Hotel Listing search. So see what your hotel offers before booking.

Of course you can also search on the spa name itself [any one full name within the full title is sufficient].

Small Icons beside the spa name tell you of the basic features that are provided, whilst the icons in the top right hand corner of the page allow you to print the details of that particuler spa or even email a copy to a friend.